Sponsoring a Chapter

The establishment of a DeMolay chapter is an important undertaking and it must be done properly to insure its future success and operation. While there are several forms to be filed and many decisions to be made, the following steps, offer the basic outline of developing a new DeMolay chapter or reinstated an old chapter. Your first step should be to contact Dad Matt Hunt, director of new chapter development for North Carolina DeMolay.

DAD Matthew D. Hunt
Deputy Executive Officer
1165 Luck Road
Asheboro, NC 27205




Once North Carolina DeMolay is aware of your interest, a meeting will be scheduled with all interested parties. This meeting is an opportunity to ask questions, discuss resources and determine the feasibility of the project. Also, at this meeting, a timeline will be established to complete the remaining steps.

A DeMolay Chapter must be sponsored by an organization composed of Master Masons. The sponsoring organization must adopt a Resolution of Sponsorship, pledging itself to assist the Chapter. The sponsoring organization must be approved by the Executive Officer. The Sponsoring Body can be a Masonic Lodge, GROTTO, Shrine Club, Scottish Rite or York Rite Body, etc.

By agreeing to sponsor a DeMolay chapter, the officers and members of the sponsoring organization accept the following responsibilities:

1. See that the $250 Sponsorship Fee is provided which includes all filing fees, and a Chapter start-up kit.

2. Provide a proper place for the Chapter to meet that is rent free. This would include at least monthly Chapter meetings and two Installations of Officers per year.

3. Assist the Chapter in acquiring and storing the proper regalia. Many times, the regalia can be obtained at little or no cost. However, there may be limited expenses related to repairs or upgrades. A storage space should be provided which will adequately and safely organize and protect the regalia.

4. Support the Chapter in its activities and fundraisers by encouraging members of the sponsoring organization to attend and participate to the fullest extent possible.

5. Assist the Chapter is securing the necessary adult volunteers who will serve as the Advisory Council for the Chapter.


For more information about sponsoring a chapter, please contact Dad Matthew Hunt at 336-736-9457 or email Dad Hunt.



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